About Us

Training is not something we sell. We are in charge of people’s careers. We also encourage future employability and entrepreneurship by taking a “360-Degree” approach that includes “upskilling through the Training Division and placement through the Recruitment Division.”

Strategic Priority

Manage careers, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide opportunities for skill development.


To be a successful, mission-driven company guided by corporate governance principles that guides and informs our client service delivery.


To provide meaningful opportunities for high-performing corporate citizens that will help the South African economy compete.


Providing corporate citizens in the private, public, and informal sectors with the tools they need to advance and maintain their chosen careers.

Our Departments

Rhens’ HR expertise and capabilities are expertly woven throughout all of our business areas, which are divided into three divisions:

  • Division of Training
  • Division of Recruitment
  • Division of Education and Human Resources Projects

With the help of our team of highly trained subject matter and industry specialists, we remain relevant, including, in no particular order:

  • Assessors and moderators with SETA accreditation, as well as facilitators
  • Specialists in recruitment and headhunting
  • Sales and marketing specialists
  • Specialists in change management and organizational development
  • Contributors and analysts of socio-political-economic issues
  • Medical Specialists with Specialized Training in Health and Safety
  • Specialists in medical technology suppliers and medical distributors

HR And ED Projects, Retainers, And Agreements, Both Short And Long Term

By delivering HR and ED projects aimed at improving efficiencies and supporting businesses through their start-up, scaling, and sprint stages, we implement projects and services.

Our Background

Rhens Consulting CC was established in 2010 as an HR ‘consultancy’ in response to the need for professional HR advice and services among small business owners. Due to the business owner’s enthusiasm for HR and the visible impact of seeing people develop due to honest leadership conversations, mentorship, and guidance, Rhens provided this HR support, often on a pro-bono basis. Rhens’ vision to recruit, develop, train, and upskill her own and others’ careers grew out of this experience.

At Rhens, a ‘career’ is defined as any path of work in which an individual invests time and energy to improve their own learning and skills, whether artisanal or academic, for formal employment or as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Rhens Consulting (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 as a fully functional professional HR services company with clients in the FinTec, Education (ECD), ICT, Retail, Cleaning, Recycling, Media, and Medical sectors.

Owner Information

Rene Hendricks, the company’s founder, was born and raised on the Cape Flats in the Western Cape. Rene has over 25 years of HR experience in both listed and unlisted companies as an HR Business Practitioner up to senior management level. Her corporate experience includes working for companies such as Southern Life, Virgin Active, Clicks, Netcare, and Primedia in highly competitive environments. Her background includes working with people with disabilities, developing entrepreneurs, and managing ED projects in both the formal and informal sectors in the private sector.

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